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Raja Yoga

 My first  experience with Yoga was in 1982; it was through Sarah and her 50 years of teaching  SRF Yoga (Raja Yoga of Yogananda-Self Realization-Fellowship) that I realized there was more to the brain than all the biological,  medical and scientific knowledge we have accumulated about it until NOW.
Then, in 1988, I took the Teacher’s Training for Hatha Yoga at the Vishnu Devananda Ashram in Val Morin, Quebec.  From this approach, I realized that Yoga was  much more than postures; it is a HOLISTIC way of life.
Since then, I have evolved an approach to Yoga which aims at integrating  its benefits into daily living rather than a class or a discipline one does at a certain time of the day , a few days a week. 
The focus of my training is the breath, the vertebral column and the awareness of the Power of co-creation of  our thoughts, words and emotions through meditative practice.
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Inner-Life Coaching

It is said: “A belief is just a thought we keep thinking”…
If that is so, then, why not keep thinking a thought that makes us feel good in order to re-program a NEW BELIEF?

Need help, support, sharing, feedback on the journey to reprogram this lifetime on earth and beyond?

As a gentle guide to your exploration of how, when, and where you can contact your “inner-self”, “your soul” beyond life and death, I can accompany you in your effort and discipline towards that goal.

Inner-life coaching is simply another word for “spiritual counselor” except that “spiritual” here means much more than religions and belief systems.

To find out, simply make an appointment to discuss the ways and times we could work together.

In the past, under the premise of yoga training, a devotee would find a guru and follow the guru's teaching and guidance...

Well, that is then!  I propose a very different approach:

I offer my services and talents as a personal assistant... for a period of time we can agree on...

Try me... I'm sure I can help you in some daily chores while slowly sharing the peace and serenity found in simply BEING!

Why “World Organization of INTENTIONAL LOVE and JOY”? 

  •   JOY: Integrates all forms of humor, joy, laughter and contentment arising from the inside out. It is said that laughter and humor is the greatest medicine of all! ​ 
  • LOVE: “Love is the Law, Love under WILL.” Love is the infinite ultimate energy that holds worlds together. In our physical realm, it is manifesting as FUSION energy which is the energy of our Father Sun and the Stars in our Universe. When humankind succeed in containing and utilizing FUSION energy as its primary energy source, it will be in total harmony with ALL because human beings will radiate LOVE energy. ​ 
  • WORLD: We are slowly becoming aware of our ONENESS with all as a creation. The Globalization and experience of the WorldWideWeb/Internet is a step in our evolution/transformation as a species to become aware that we are truly ONE. ​ 
  • ORGANIZATION: The word “ORDER” implies the “discipline/mastery” needed to be AWARE ALL THE TIME of every CHOICE we make all the time and to make these choices out of LOVE and JOY. ​ 
  • INTENTIONAL: Our intent and focus/attention are the tools that direct the energy into practical EARTHLY-3-dimensional material reality.